UTCP Graduate Student Conference 2012が発表者を募集しています

 UTCP Graduate Student Conference 2012が発表者を募集しているそうです。テーマは"Practicing Japanese Philosophy: Mind and Activity"、締め切りは11/30(!)、150ワードだそうです。


【発表者募集】UTCP Graduate Student Conference 2012の発表者を募集します。
下記のとおり,2012年2月18-19日(土-日)に開催されるUTCP Graduate Student Conference 2012 の口頭発表者を国内外から募集いたします。

UTCP Graduate Conference 2012

Practicing Japanese Philosophy: Mind and Activity

February 18-19, 2012
The University of Tokyo (Komaba Campus), Tokyo, Japan
Organized by the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)

Keynote Speaker: Graham Parkes (University College Cork)

This conference will explore the experiential possibility of thinking in Japanese philosophy and other related disciplines. Writing, speaking, singing, meditating and even walking, nourish and enhance our ways of feeling and thinking. Human thinking, however pure and abstract, does not occur without the aid of sensuous activity. Even the dry and prudent analysis of historical text requires the sharp adjustment of perception. The aim of this conference is to find ways to connect theory with practice that opens to skillful, expedite, philosophical activity. If we become aware of such reciprocity of mind and activity, the work of philosophy creates an ongoing changes of perspective consisting of different things and their relations. The UTCP is pleased to invite graduate students and postgraduates to submit papers for their two-day conference at the University of Tokyo (Komaba Campus) on February 18-19, 2012.

Papers that address the following or related themes are welcome:
Practical and Material Aspect of Japanese Philosophy
Japanese Aesthetics and Arts
Reconsidering the Kyoto School
Connection between Eastern and Western Philosophy
Philosophy of Landscape and Garden
Japanese Philosophy and Politics
Philosophy of Body in the Eastern Tradition
Philosophy of Nonhumanity

Papers will be 20 minutes long.
The language of the conference is English.
If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, a selection will be made.
We are planning to offer travel grants for students traveling from a distant place (12,500 yen per night, in an amount not to exceed total amount of 37,500 yen). Travel grant recipients are prohibited from receiving payments from other organizations. Applicants requesting travel grants must include a brief statement of need when submitting the abstract.
We will publish the proceedings of this conference.

Title and Abstract Submission (up to 150 words, E-mail: mindandactivity [at] gmail.com): Nov. 30
Final Paper Submission for Proceedings: Feb. 3

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UTCP Graduate Student Conference Committee 2012
E-mail: mindandactivity [at] gmail.com